About Us

About Adepto

Founded in 2012 by Melissa Giampietro, Adepto is a Swiss real estate development company that specialises in creative and high quality properties tailored to clients’ requests.

We are committed to provide excellence and pride ourselves in constructing only with the highest standards of products and raw materials that can be traced to the source to guarantee true quality, durability, safety and sustainability.

Our Clients

Our clients have the option to modify the interior architect plan of their future property and to choose the interior finishes from a wide range of high quality customisable products.

Adepto’s strengths stem from its experienced team and network of trusted partners who tirelessly endeavour to orchestrate the most optimal designs, calculations and construction stages.

Our Forte

Our forte is also the respect for heritage and understanding of sentimental value attached to land. We believe that the best way to work in partnership with land owners is by developing a project that forever continues to be part of their family heritage. That is why Adepto offers land owners the option to exchange their land for part-ownership of the development.