Appartements for senior residents – House Brina de Pfleiderer | Manufacturer references

"Good design is effective medicine," says science journalist Emily Anthes. To support this, there are indeed numerous studies that confirm the influence of the environment on health. This is why increasing emphasis is being placed on the design of interior spaces, particularly in medicine and care. A perfect example of this is in Hansaallee, Düsseldorf, where Pro Urban AG have implemented their vision of Care 2.0. In this project, a wide range of plain colors from Pfleiderer have incorporated colorful accents into the design.

Even the exterior of the building is very different from the traditional care facilities we are familiar with. A restaurant on the first floor, red clinker brick and spacious balconies, the "Pures Leben" building looks like an upscale residential home. The special thing is that the way you live there can always be adapted to meet your needs. The apartments can simply be used as a home, but if care is needed later, it can be provided with…